Episode 020: Being Your Very Best with Yolanda Harper

Episode 020: Being Your Very Best with Yolanda Harper

Today on the show we welcome Yolanda Harper. Yolanda is into it all and is doing so much to empower women in our community. She is an accomplished speaker and trainer with an extensive background in wellness and is the relationship consultant for the Blue Zones Project. In addition to leading the organization’s wellness initiatives, she also facilitates workshops in the leadership academy. For the past five years she has simultaneously served as the owner and instructor at the Fit&40 Crew, has a BA in Communications from Dallas Baptist University, is a certified conflict mediator, and has won numerous awards for her work in the wellness sector. She is fit and fabulous and today we hear many “Yolanda’s Nuggets” on how to live a happy, productive, and fulfilling life. Yolanda discusses her Why, how she overcomes challenges, her belief in authenticity, and the importance of letting your light shine. We delve into the complexities of race and gender issues among women today and what we can do to keep fighting the fight against inequality.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • How “Yolanda’s Nuggets” trademark came about
  • Find out who Yolanda is and what she truly wants
  • Why Yolanda believes our global level of respect needs to rise
  • Yolanda’s Why: Authenticity and shining her God-given talents.
  • How Yolanda works to overcome negative self-talk
  • Race versus gender: Where are we as women today?
  • What can white woman do better in the race/gender struggle
  • How Yolanda organizes her day to enhance productivity
  • Why Yolanda believes in WIN: What’s Important Now.
  • The value of mapping your strengths and weaknesses
  • Yolanda’s thoughts on the people we spend time with
  • Your circle of influence versus your strategic alliance
  • Find out more about Yolanda’s MY BAD workshop
  • And much more!



“Superwoman dies because she was trying to do it all.” — @harper_therapy [0:09:58.0]

“I want to be my very best, not in comparison to anyone else.” — @harper_therapy [0:11:05.0]


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Yolanda Harper’s Website

Yolanda on Twitter

Yolanda on Facebook

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