Audacious Life Formula 2.0 Workbook

The Audacious Life Workbook 2.0 details the Audacious Life Formula 2.0, a guide to the life you deserve and desire. Become the #DisruptorGuru of your life by disrupting the stale, old habits and pointless routines not serving you well that keep you from discovering and achieving your Audacious Life. Discover what your Audacious Life looks like.

The Audacious Life Formula 2.0 begins by showing you how to create a Brain Dump to clear your mind of idle thoughts and random noise so that you can focus on constructive thoughts and actions in line with your Audacious Life. With a clear mind, you can focus on learning your 3Ws: who you are, what you want, and why. Knowing your 3Ws is the driver to discovering your purpose, the driver in all areas of an Audacious Life. Led by your purpose, you will learn how to recognize and create new audacious habits that help you build your Audacious Life.

The Audacious Life Formula 2.0 shows you how to surround yourself with a nurturing support group called your tribe, how to find your tribe, and how to return support to them.

Learn the importance of self-care and self-assessment and why an Audacious Life is impossible without it. Armed with the knowledge of what your Audacious Life looks like in the big picture, you now have the tools to determine what your Audacious Life will look like day to day.