Episode 018: Travel, Holisitic Healing, & Self Love with Jessica Upchurch

Episode 018: Travel, Holisitic Healing, & Self Love with Jessica Upchurch

Today on the show, we welcome Jessica Upchurch. It’s hard to sum up Jessica in one simple package but she is the most genuine, giving, intelligent and gorgeous woman — the full package! Jessica describes herself as a “collaborator, a catalyst, and a conversation ready to happen.” She is an Ambassador for Sustainability at Virtuoso Travel, where she gets to travel around the world and meet people from all walks of life. With a Master’s Degree in Community Health and an in-depth knowledge of alternative modalities, holistic healing, and yoga, Jessica has an impressive background in instructional programs and biometric testing with the Cooper Institute, the FAA, the U.S. military, and numerous Fortune 500 companies. Today on the show, we hear Jessica’s story: her journey to self-love, authenticity, and why women need to come together, feel their feminine energy, and cultivate healthy conversations.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Who is Jessica, what does she want, and why?
  • Why Jessica defines herself as “love and light”
  • Recognizing that there is something greater than you
  • The importance of asking yourself who you are
  • How Jessica tackles her biggest struggle — food
  • How to make our voices better heard as women
  • Jessica’s personal experience with journaling
  • Find out more about Jessica’s favorite books
  • Is what you read what you become?
  • Why the audacious life is an inside job
  • Why we need to show up and have conversations
  • Accepting the feminine energy that you’re feeling
  • And much more!



“Wherever I am, I am in that moment.” — Jessica Upchurch [0:06:00.0]

“I want to love more than being loved. I want to listen more than being heard. I want to live more than be lived.” — Jessica Upchurch [0:06:51.0]

“I think, as women, our voices are better heard when we are not the anti.” — Jessica Upchurch [0:24:15.0]

“You’ve got to get rid of fear in order to get to love.” — Jessica Upchurch [0:39:20.0]


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