Episode 023: The Addict and the Enabler with Amber Shumake – The Holidays

Episode 023: The Addict and the Enabler with Amber Shumake – The Holidays

Today on the show we welcome back lifestyle photographer, freelance writer, and yoga therapist Amber Shumake. Amber is the founder of Whole Heart Yoga Fort Worth and co-founder of Soul.Full School of Yoga. She also teaches at the SoulSpace Yoga Community, where she is a masterful yoga and meditation teacher. She believes sharing yoga and meditation — especially to people who do not have access to studios — will bring more peace to our individual communities and global world.

In this episode, we discuss the mix of people we love and drinking during the holidays. We let the conversation flow and create a space of community and support for people that might be struggling with this major issue. Stay tuned to hear our personal experiences with family members who go into self-destruction mode and can ruin the holidays for themselves and everybody else and the strategies to use to get through the holidays in a way that honors who you are.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • How to set boundaries with family members to honor what is best for you
  • Understanding that addiction takes away the choice of drinking responsibly
  • Recognizing that you are powerless over the decisions of others
  • Learning to meet people where they are, and being secure in who you are
  • Amber’s strategy for getting through the holidays sober
  • When hosting family gatherings, should you allow people to bring alcohol or not?
  • Why enabling can often look like helping
  • Realizing that setting healthy boundaries can promote intimacy



“A boundary is simply an expression of what is and is not okay.” — @BreneBrown [0:04:09.0]

“It’s humbling now to think that I would prefer my holidays to be more sober.” — @AmberShumake [0:05:20.0]

“When I set healthy boundaries, I have to let go of the expectation of how it’s going to turn out, how it’s going to be received.” — @AmberShumake [0:16:10.0]

“Sometimes enabling can look like helping.” — @AmberShumake [0:17:06.0]

“I’ve never met an alcoholic or addict who doesn’t also have trouble with boundaries.” — @AmberShumake [0:20:33.0]


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