Working with Robin has been a HUGE game changer for me! I attended a workshop Robin led, Girls with Game, in March 2019. At the workshop she was offering different packages for Success Coaching, and I opted for a Success Coaching package that included monthly coaching for the rest of the year. After that first workshop, I started implementing her suggestions and I saw BIG results. It was everything from getting up earlier to walk before work to how to market myself on social media. She had big ideas for me that took longer for me to be willing to implement but her advice has been GOLDEN. I love how she can take all of my jumbled thoughts and ideas and help me sort them into an organized plan of action. I continued my Success Coaching with Robin in 2020 and for the first three months, met with her every other week. When the shit hit the fan in March (Covid-19), we upped it to weekly. My game plan has pivoted and changed a lot along the way, but with Robin’s coaching and guidance, I know I am on the right track. She’s put me in contact with the perfect people for my other business needs and she always has a smile and hug for me. I truly feel the love from her in all our interactions and I love her so much!


Best investment I ever made.


Robin is the best! I know money is tight. This is an investment in you. Her work helps me make it through my week as a physician in this crazy time (Covid-19). Worth every penny and more. This too shall pass and I will be stronger for it because of Robin.


Robin is the best! Her Success Coaching is needed now more than ever. We all need a plan to bounce back strong after this crisis passes. We (RFamily Chiropractic) will bounce back strong because Robin is our Success Coach. I’m thankful for you every single day, Robin.


I entered Audacious Life HQ not knowing what to expect. I came curious and I left enlightened! This is a place of accountability, vulnerability, honesty, and trust. Robin is relatable, smart, welcoming and warm! I encourage you to come into this safe space where your wildest dreams, ambitions and confidence will flourish!


I need to say your workshop was amazing! Teachers were so happy and inspired, many of them sent messages to the whole group that night. I believe you helped us realize how much we need each other. All the teachers said that now they have the goal more clear along with the way they can work to reach that goal. Overall, it was an amazing time that we shared with you. MUCHAS GRACIAS, we hope to see you again soon!

– SUANIA SÁRRAGA, Director, Mi Casita Preschool, Fort Worth

I am so glad that I came to your event. Robin, yesterday was an eye-opener for me on several levels. Since I moved to the DFW area I have been praying for a woman to come into my life that I could talk to and relate to on some levels and low and behold… there you appeared! You are such a delight to be around and I am so glad that I met you. Thank you for your encouraging words and open heart. Thank you for being you! I can’t wait until your next event!

– M.S.

The P.E.A.C.E. workshop could be called the “Get Real With Yourself” workshop, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Robin has a raw, authentic, soft yet strong way of creating the perfect environment and vibe for getting real with your life stuff. She helped me uncover layers where I had blocks in my life without feeling any sense of overwhelm. We dissected what is working, not working, and why. I left with actual action items – none of the fluffy stuff where you feel all pumped up but in two days it fades – and that kind of tangible outcome combined with the internal self-check is what made this experience unique and ultimately a game changer.