Episode 016: Audacious Life Lesson — Tears for Fears

Episode 016: Audacious Life Lesson — Tears for Fears

Today’s episode is another Audacious Life Lesson: Tears for Fears. For those who are new to the show, an audacious life means being surprisingly bold, fearless, and courageous, which looks different for every woman. An audacious life may be loud and proud, or quiet, soft, and easy. Whatever it means for you, it requires being bold, fearless, and courageous about the life you live.

When I was growing up, the culture and lifestyle of my family taught me not to be loud or speak my mind. It wasn’t okay to speak the truth or show emotion. I learned it was best to be seen and not heard. How I was raised truly affected the person I became as an adult, so I have done a lot of work and self-inquiry to overcome it. Stay tuned as we go over exactly how to take ownership of your tears and face your fears head on. All this and more inside today’s episode.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • An overview of the Audacious Life Podcast and the purpose
  • How your past shapes the person you become
  • Making the decision to own your tears and walk through your fears
  • Recognizing that every one has fears and why they are stronger for some
  • Understanding that it is okay to be vulnerable and it does not make you a victim
  • Learning not to feel shame for your tears when speaking your truth
  • Digging deep to identify your own tears for fears



“I really try to speak authentically.” — @TheRobinWSmith [0:03:53.0]

“The tears make me vulnerable, but they don’t make me a victim and they don’t mean that I’m weak.” — @TheRobinWSmith [0:04:37.0]


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