Episode 41: Interview With Tatiana Miller

Episode 41: Interview With Tatiana Miller

Welcome to Episode 41, Interview With Tatiana Miller! Tatti offers yoga therapy at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, where she has made it her life’s passion to integrate yoga therapy with western medicine. She came to yoga at a young age indirectly as a result of her sister’s death in a car accident, when it was recommended by a therapist she was seeing to help her work through her own trauma of learning to drive. 

Tatti studied holistic medicine and yoga therapy and has taught for more than 18 years. As a one-time pharmaceutical rep, she has witnessed first-hand the limits of western medicine and pain management. 

Yoga therapy is a new modality of medicine in the United States. In its true form, yoga is not simply exercise but a therapy meant to work your body so you can sit and meditate and, in that stillness, find yourself.

Tatti also runs a nonprofit as a vehicle to help spread the gospel of yoga therapy at RX4LifeMovement. Check it out!

Key Points From This Episode

  • Anxiety is the number one disability in the United States. 
  • Thoughts and feelings manifest in your body as pain and physical ailments.
  • Western medicine has not learned to deal well with anxiety.
  • A patient who has a positive attitude heals much faster than one who is grumpy and frustrated.
  • Yoga therapy teaches us how to move beyond anxiety. 
  • We find our true nature through stillness.
  • Helping children realize they can be accountable for their health is empowering.


“My goal is to always be a ray of sunshine to those children, make them feel loved, let them know they are not alone, and there is hope.” — Tatti [14:00.0]

“We want to be resources for health and joy.” — Tatti [30:00.0]

“Our children aren’t being taught to be still.” — [30:37.0]

“The number 1 cause of disease is forgetting your true nature.” — Tatti [35:00.0]

“When we learn how to get through our own struggles, I feel we have a responsibility to share it with the world.” — @TheRobinWSmith [32:00.0]

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