Episode 39: Interview With Natalie Pedigo

Episode 39: Interview With Natalie Pedigo


Welcome to Episode 39, Interview With Natalie Pedigo. Natalie has already lived a lot in her 21 years. Her mom died when she just 3 years old. A little over a year ago, her brother died of a drug overdose. 

Despite her relatively young age, Natalie is Social Media and Marketing Manager with M2G Ventures, a forward-thinking real estate investment and development company, where she hired on as the company’s first employee only 3 years before.

But not content to rest on her early success — a great job with enduring relationships — she has decided now is the time to begin the next chapter on her life, chucking it all and moving to Colorado. Now that’s Audacious!

Key Points From This Episode

  • Grief helps shape who we become.
  • Surviving eventually can become a good feeling.
  • Allow yourself to feel all the things you are feeling.


“In the beginning, we worked out of a tiny office, they [the owners, who are identical twin sisters] shared a desk and I sat at a little coffee table with a sofa chair.” — Natalie [3:19.84]

“There are 3 questions I always ask that I coined the 3Ws, and I know we have to have the answers to these questions before any of us can move forward with anything that we’re doing, and that’s who are you, what do you want with your time on this planet, and why?” — @TheRobinWSmith [5:43.0]

“I am strength.” — Natalie [6:57.0]

“Nobody want to be static.” — Natalie [7:20.44]

“Sometimes you feel guilty about smiling and laughing, but allow yourself to do these things.” —Natalie [17:0.0]

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