Episode 036: Audacious Things Have Happened!

Episode 036: Audacious Things Have Happened!

Welcome back to Audacious Life — The Podcast! This episode brings you up to date with all the happenings at Audacious Life HQ in Fort Worth, what is coming up on the podcast and three tips to help you kick-start the upcoming holiday season with a POA (a Plan Of Action, not a piece of ass)!

Key Points From This Episode

  • What is Audacious Life HQ?
  • Where have I been?
  • Where can you find more details on
  • 3 Tips to for success this season:
    • Brain
    • Plan
    • Budget


‘Don’t be afraid to be Audacious” – Robin

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:


Audacious Life HQ

200 Carroll Street

Suite 120

Fort Worth, Texas 76107

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