Episode 028 Getting Rid of Self-Doubt

Episode 028 Getting Rid of Self-Doubt

Today on the show we discuss getting rid of self-doubt. Having been plagued with significant self-doubt throughout my life, I have recently done my own self-inquiry. I really had to dig deep to stop the negative self-talk. What we say in our minds is really what happens in our life. If we believe it, it will be true.

We often think the solution is superficial, such as getting a new haircut, fixing your teeth, or changing the way you dress. But none of those things will heal the deep sources of negative self-talk. In this episode, we go over the list of ways to eliminate the self-doubt in your life, why you need to dig deep into your childhood memories, and finding a personalized approach that works best for you in your life. So if you are stuck in the cycle of negative self-doubt, let’s get started on the path toward healing.

Key Points From This Episode

  • Why it is critical to dig up the childhood moments
  • The importance of personalizing your road to healing
  • Learning to identify what success for you, personally
  • Taking the time to be still and appreciate the world around you
  • Being mindful of shifting toward an attitude of gratitude
  • Why staying busy does not get rid of your negative self-talk
  • Learning to delegate tasks that are not serving your gift or your business
  • Understanding that relieving stress helps you get rid of self-doubt
  • And much more!


“Success if not what social media, or the media, or what you read says it is. Success is whatever it is for you.” — @TheRobinWSmith [0:05:13.0]

“Being extremely busy did not help get rid of my bad talk and my self-doubt because it made me feel like I wasn’t succeeding.” — @TheRobinWSmith [0:08:17.0]

“Busy doesn’t make you successful, it just makes you busy.” — @TheRobinWSmith [0:08:30.0]

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