Episode 015: The Value Of Starting Small and Finding Your Purpose At Any Stage Of Life, with Crissa Sigl

Episode 015: The Value Of Starting Small and Finding Your Purpose At Any Stage Of Life, with Crissa Sigl

Crissa Sigl

As listeners know, this podcast is about sharing the women I know with everyone else. With such a focus on celebrities and other leaders in the media, we can overlook the audacious women doing great things living just next door! Today I’m joined by one of the many audacious women in my life: friend, educator, yoga teacher, caregiver, and marathon runner, Crissa Sigl. After the recent loss of her mom, Crissa’s career path has shifted, forcing her to re-evaluate her life, re-discover her purpose, and figure out how she can give back to her community. In my interview with Crissa, I ask her to answer the 3Ws, the same three questions I ask each of my guests, the three questions that we all must answer for ourselves to move forward in life: Who are you? What do you want? And why do you want what you want? In this episode, Crissa shares her advice for processing the loss of a parent and the value of giving back, one small step at a time.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Who is Crissa Sigl and what does she really want?
  • How the loss of Crissa’s mom changed her career path
  • How struggle can be a positive thing in our lives
  • Why Crissa feels a strong need to support others
  • Figuring out your own purpose at any stage of life
  • Why asking for help is not a weakness
  • Why we need to encourage girls to do what they love
  • Paying attention to where we can help and give back
  • Processing the loss of a parent
  • Finding out how Crissa stays organized
  • The value of a physical outlet for women
  • How to become a tutor for students in your area
  • And much more!



“In my experience, in those one on one interactions with students is where growth happens.” — @crissarenteria [0:06:30.0]

“Keep with the small progression, working toward an end goal.” — @crissarenteria [0:10:45.0]

“We are all going to have struggles. But struggles are struggles. They’re not failures.” — @TheRobinWSmith [0:25:25.0]


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