Episode 013: The Addict and the Enabler, With Amber Shumake

Episode 013: The Addict and the Enabler, With Amber Shumake

On today’s show, we welcome back Amber Shumake, a lifestyle photographer, freelance writer, and yoga therapist. Amber is the founder of Whole Heart Yoga Fort Worth and teaches at the SoulSpace Yoga Community. She is a masterful yoga and meditation teacher, but most of all, she is a font of knowledge and a light to the world. Her vision for the world is one in which we see each other through a lens that captures our shared humanity. On this episode, Amber joins us to talk about the two concepts: the addict and the enabler. This talk is probably not going to give you all of the answers, but it is our way of opening up the venue for the conversation to happen in hopes of getting rid of the stigma surrounding addiction and the recovery of addiction. We dive into the intricacies of addiction, understanding your role and impact as an enabler, and how to change the stigmas around addition into a conversation of healing.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Amber’s experience with addiction and recovery journey
  • Changing the stigma around addiction to create a healing conversation
  • Questioning the origins of addiction stereotypes
  • The importance of realizing that addiction is not a one-size-fits-all situation
  • Learning to thrive in the midst of the pain of addiction
  • Why fear and guilt is most often the root of enabling
  • Understanding how to identify the acts of enabling: the daily little things
  • Stepping back: allowing the addict to build confidence to save themselves
  • Why it is critical to reach out for help, even if you do not get the answers
  • The game-changing role of vulnerability in the path towards recovery


“Addiction doesn’t always look like you’re under the bridge; it can look like buying expensive bottles of wine.” — @AmberShumake [0:02:06.0]

“Most of the substances and behaviors that I have attempted to use, it’s been in a quest to change how I feel.” — @AmberShumake [002:56.0]

“Addiction really doesn’t discriminate. It knows no bounds.” — @AmberShumake

“Enabling doesn’t necessarily look like this big, giant action. It’s the little everyday things.” — @TheRobinWSmith [0:22:39.0]
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