Episode 012: Interview With Kim Robbins – Part 2

Episode 012: Interview With Kim Robbins – Part 2

This episode is the final part of our two-part series with Kim Robbins. Kim is a digital photographer. Her subjects vary from people to scenes in nature to abstract art. She translates her work from the camera to a digital environment where she uses image editing to perform darkroom type manipulations. She prints her own work using high-quality pigment ink printers to create fine art prints. Equally important to her process is the vision of line, form, color, composition, and rhythm that creates her style.

In addition to her work as an artist, Kim offers a unique portrait experience to clients. Her background as a fashion model shines through as she directs her subjects behind the camera with ease. She creates a comfortable, relaxed environment that affects the end result – stunning portraits. In today’s episode, we talk to Kim about self-care, communicating with love and we get inspired while we delve into some more of Kim’s career and personal life.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Balancing your internal and external self care.
  • Having healthy work boundaries and communicating with love.
  • How loss and challenges lead to change and growth.
  • Knowing yourself and having a balanced perspective.
  • Kim’s holistic approach to fashion and beauty and her advice to women.
  • Getting started as an artist by just jumping in.
  • How the art scene has evolved in Fort Worth.
  • Discover what Kim does for fun.
  • Being intentional in spending time with people that uplift you.
  • Understand the notation of creating.
  • Investing in friendships.
  • Being strong and not hiding your light.
  • In spite of the odds, as women, not giving up, not quitting and staying anchored in your truth.
  • And much more!



“Learning how to communicate with love is huge because it’s really easy to communicate with anger and frustration.” — Kim Robbins [0:09:41.0]

“Perspective can help you be more grateful for what you have.” — Kim Robbins [0:15:21.0]

“A good haircut and the right hair color is like a facelift.” — Kim Robbins [0:19:41.0]

“Supporting yourself as an artist is tremendously difficult.” — Kim Robbins [0:27:22.0]

“A light has been put in us and we’re called to not hide our light.” — Kim Robbins [0:42:23.0]


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