Episode 011: Interview With Kim Robbins – Part 1

Episode 011: Interview With Kim Robbins – Part 1

Today’s show begins a two-part interview with Kim Robbins. Kim is a digital photographer. Her subjects vary from people to scenes in nature to abstract art. She translates her work from the camera to a digital environment where she uses image editing to perform darkroom type manipulations. She prints her own work using high-quality pigment ink printers to create fine art prints. Equally important to her process is the vision of line, form, color, composition, and rhythm that creates her style.

In addition to her work as an artist, Kim offers a unique portrait experience to clients. Her background as a fashion model shines through as she directs her subjects behind the camera with ease. She creates a comfortable, relaxed environment that affects the end result – stunning portraits. In today’s episode, we talk to Kim about how she got into the art industry, her journey leading up to where she is now, and how she’s living out her purpose. She also discusses the balancing act of being a mom while having a career and moving toward your vision and coming from a place of intentionality.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Kim answers the three Ws for her: who are you, what do you want, and what is your WHY.
  • Discovering your purpose and living out all you were created to be
  • The significance of journaling
  • How Kim evolved from fashion model, make-up artist, and stylist to being a mom, photographer, and artist
  • How to consciously create your unique life
  • How Kim incorporated movement into her world
  • Being proactive and getting involved in the community
  • Seeing adverse circumstances as opportunities
  • The Robbins family, a family of artists
  • Being well aware of the balancing act
  • How Kim struggled to deal with her parent’s divorce during her senior year
  • How Kim defines an audacious life as deciding what you need and moving toward the vision.
  • Dealing with rejection that comes in different levels and forms
  • And much more!



“To me, you don’t ever arrive from learning.” — Kim Robbins [0:05:05.0]

“I was created with purpose.” — Kim Robbins [0:10:35.0]

“I can learn things by doing a dance.” — Kim Robbins [0:23:58.0]

“In learning, when you find yourself in a really adverse circumstance it is a growth opportunity.” — Kim Robbins [0:25:40.0]

“I just think you’re coming into so much of your identity in that late teen timeframe.” — Kim Robbins [0:35:17.0]


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