Episode 002: Interview with Amber Shumake

Episode 002: Interview with Amber Shumake

Amber is the founder of Whole Heart Yoga Fort Worth and teaches at SoulSpace Yoga Community. She is also a photographer and writer as well as a masterful yoga and meditation teacher. But most of all, she is a fount of knowledge and a light to the world.

After listening to my interview with Amber, you will want to get off your ass and go kick all the ass.

Her courageous willingness to be real, raw, and helpful is humbling. Her photography is alive, her writing is a spark of emotion, and her work at offering yoga to everyone is endless.

For more on Amber, check her out on social media:

Following the interview, stay tuned for another Audacious Life lesson. This lesson addresses the importance of ditching the all or nothing mentality.