Episode 022: Embracing Transition with Ashley Reese

Episode 022: Embracing Transition with Ashley Reese

Today on the podcast I’m talking to Ashley Reese, an attorney, yoga teacher, and fur-baby mom. The legal world, though full of challenges, can fall short in terms of inspiration.

Ashley wanted to do more with her life, and to promote a positive and powerful presence for the people around her. Luckily for Indigo’s students and community, she found a new calling in yoga. Yoga teaches her to find the inspiration in every challenge and to accept the simultaneous joys of effort and ease.

Ashley believes that whatever she does she wants to do it well, no matter if it’s in law school or teaching others valuable life lessons through yoga. She has learned that it’s not about being the best, but doing your best. In today’s episode, Ashley shares her journey of transition when she pivoted from a career as an attorney to getting qualified as a yoga teacher. Ashley dives into the importance of having a great support system to help you make these small pivots toward finding your true path in life.

Key Points From This Episode:
• How to identify yourself and uncover who you are
• Understanding why you are a “work in progress” that is constantly evolving
• Learning to be content with where you are and what you are doing.
• Why finding her self-confidence was one of the biggest struggles Ashley faced
• Why supporting each other is one of the most important things for women today
• How Ashley made the change and pivoted away from her legal career
• Why yoga caught Ashley’s eye and her journey of transitioning into teaching yoga
• Understanding the difference between being the best and doing your best
• What it means to work with your partner through big decisions in life
• How Ashley knew that she did not want to be a mom, but an aunty instead
• Why Ashley believes that living an audacious life is about being content in your life


“I fake it until I make it.” — Ashley Reese [0:10:26.0]

“If someone’s not there to support you, you kick them to the curb. It’s that simple.” — Ashley Reese [0:15:30.0]

“No decision you make is going to be permanent, or has to be permanent. You can always change.” — Ashley Reese [0:17:59.0]

“It’s when you force a decision that’s outside what you’re supposed to be, that’s where problems happen.” — Ashley Reese [0:27:01.0]

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