Fitness/Mindfulness Coaching

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Listen, I get it. When you’re trying to achieve or maintain fitness while juggling all of life’s other major challenges, it can get tricky and sometimes overwhelming. You’ve made it this far on my site so I know you’ve realized that it can be hard to reach the goals and success you desire without support. I also get that it’s hard to completely invest in yourself at the same time you’re invested in life and all that goes with it. So let me try to give you a little more detail in my Fitness Coaching approach: I focus on your overall wellness.


One of the biggest untruths I see as far as fitness goes is that people believe it takes a lot of time and effort — it does not. It takes a plan, accountability, and consistency. Whether you’re a beginner or in amazing shape, I can train you. My clients range in age from young to old and are at various stages of their fitness journey from beginner to super fit. My approach and focus is on training my clients to be fit and healthy, not to lose weight or become skinny. I do not ask my clients to weigh themselves and I do not train according to the scales.


If you eat well and exercise regularly you will find your optimal weight — and physique!


Your program will be built around physical fitness exercise and mindfulness meditation practice. We will take advantage of time management techniques to make your routine more manageable. To start off, you will receive a packet with questions to answer so that we will both be on the same page and I am crystal clear on what you desire to achieve when working with me.


Then we will schedule our first session. We will start by digging deeply into what’s working for you and what isn’t. Based on that deep dive, I will assign you homework tasks designed specifically for your own personal development. We will begin working together weekly to get you moving toward your wellness goals and on a path to optimal fitness.


I offer the following Fitness/Mindfulness services:

  • Virtual Personal Training
  • Individually curated, four-week virtual Fitness and Mindfulness programs
  • Bonus 1: Sample meal plan
  • Bonus 2: Two recorded meditations


To reach your full potential in life, business, and relationships, a regular wellness and fitness routine is essential.


Virtual Personal Training (Small Group Training Available)

  • One to six 30-minute sessions per week for four weeks
  • Each session closes with Mindful Meditation practice
  • New sessions start at the beginning of each month
  • Bonus 1: Sample meal plan
  • Bonus 2: Two recorded meditations


Individual Fitness Program

  • Four week fitness plan
  • Sample meal plan
  • One email check-in weekly for four weeks


Please email me for package pricing and availablility.