7 Tips for New Entrepreneurs

7 Tips for New Entrepreneurs

I have been asked so many questions about how to start a small business, perhaps because I’ve owned several businesses in my life. Some were financially successful, others didn’t last long, and one I closed at its peak so that I could care for my dad. If I shut down my current business this very moment I would call it successful, if only because I have put myself out there to help other women change their lives for the better.

Of course, I don’t want to shut down. I want to continue helping change lives AND making money. I’m convinced helping others is a necessary part of a truly successful life. I believe that if you focus only on yourself and neglect others, you won’t be successful, even if you make money.

So let’s succeed, shall we?

1. Take the First Step

There is never a perfect time to begin. The answer is to simply take the first step. Because success looks different for each of us, only you know what it is for you. Until you know what success means to you, you will be doomed to go round in circles. You can’t move forward until you answer the question, what does success mean to you?

2. Create Your Brand

Decide what your brand is. Remember, it isn’t what you’re selling or the services you offer. Your brand is your individual image, vibe, space, look, feel, and energy that only you bring to the world. 

For example, my brand is edgy, raw, bossy, and full of energy with a soft, sexy, feminine flair. My colors, tone and style, my website, my HQ and my content all project the unique brand I have created.

3. Pick 1 Social Media Platform

It’s easy to become overwhelmed trying to decide which social media platform is the best. The best platform for your business is the one you like the most, the one with which you spend the most time. If you love it, you will create something uniquely yours and people will feel the authenticity and creativity that is your brand alone.

4. Choose 3 Products/Services to Uniquely Offer

Notice the emphasis on uniquely. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a product or a service, your delivery will be the secret sauce to getting noticed.  Even if you offer 4 or more products/services, focus on 3 and make them AUDACIOUS. Once you establish those 3 products/services and have completed tips 1, 2 and 3, post about what you offer and how it can be purchased. Ask your friends and family to share this information, then stop selling and start building trust with the content you post. Post items that help the people you want to attract, which leads to the next tip.

5. Decide Who Your Target Audience Is

If this seems obvious, it’s no less true: you must know who your clients are. Who are you trying to reach? How will you reach them? What do they read and what are their interests? Where are they? What are their ages? Google is a great resource.

6. Build Trust

To build trust, post helpful content. Give away audaciously unique content that complements what you offer. Post topics that you would love to see.

7. Focus On One Thing at a Time

Sure, you can have several projects in the works, but you must be clear about what you’re offering at each moment. Block out entire sections of time for a specific project and laser in on it. If you’re all over the place, dividing your attention among several projects at once, you will likely be less than spectacular. If you aren’t aiming to be spectacular, then what are you aiming to be?

Bonus Success Tip

Be consistent — even when you feel like you’re getting nowhere. If you stick to what you’re good at, give more than people expect, do it with honesty and integrity and then douse it all with Audacity, you will succeed.

So what are you waiting for? Get off your ass and get started!

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