3 Basics for Scaling Your Business

3 Basics for Scaling Your Business

Hi there.

I hope you are feeling fantastic about your growing business and not overwhelmed. It’s easy to start doubting yourself because of all the advice and information coming at you about what you ‘should’ be doing to scale your business. Take a breathe and relax. I got you!

I have been a business and personal development coach for many years along with owning several successful and not successful businesses. I have the knowledge and skills to help you scale. Read on!

My clients get results because I coach them to implement with the basics before we move forward . I could write a book (literally) on this. But not today. Today I’m giving you 3 basics to start scaling your business. Don’t get me wrong there are more but today I want you to focus on these 3 basics which are the foundation.

1. Hiring a team (and the right team).

You can’t scale your business without hiring the right talent in some capacity. I know having employees can be daunting and it does have its challenges. Just the thought of covering their salary is enough for some business owners to quit.  Then you add the personal conflicts at time and just the basic ‘stuff’ that comes up when people spend a lot of time together. Most areas of business are tough, thats the nature of the beast and why you make the big coins. So get over it and carry on.

If you feel like no one can do it as good as you or you always pick a bad team, guess what? It’s not the team it’s your leadership skills. Learn to hire the right team by understanding and being honest about what you need and improve on your leadership skills so you can work towards reaching your business goals. Start by knowing what your strong suits are and where you need to be spending your time and energy in your business and then hire out the other work that you’re not a master of and that’s keeping you from being a strong leader and creating the substance of the business (build your team).

2. Systems and Processes

As I mentioned above leadership skills is one reason business owners have a hard time managing a team, the other reason is lack of systems and processes. It is impossible for your team to be successful if all the information they need is stored in your head, so you have to have a system in place to communicate and teach your team about your ideas, goals, and needs. You also need a process in place to facilitate workflow, other wise you’ll end up with a giant cluster…I heard it described as turning on a fire hydrant with out a hose(you’ll end up with a flood).

Set your business up for success from the inside by creating a system for delivering ideas, and development processes for making them come to fruition. Your team with love you and they will thrive and your business will scale up.

3. Invest in client retention

If your business path is growth you must invest in client retention. The ROI is game changing.

Nurture your clients with gifts, connection, knowledge and hands on attention. Each business is unique on how to invest in client retention so do your homework and learn what your clients need and what will help them the most, keep giving more and being better…

Those are the 3 basics. Whats next?

Now it is time to take action, if you’re an existing business with a steady stream of income it can be difficult to know where to start. First thing, stick with your current marketing and hold off on any new marketing until you have your team in place.

Then make sure you have your day to day systems and processes in place. And finally invest in client retention, where are you slacking, what can you add, give your clients added value.

Implement these 3 basics to you business and I promise you’ll see an upward movement.

Once you’ve completed these 3 you’ll also be ready to implement a new marketing system and watch your business scale up in 2020.

And be afraid to be Audacious,



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